Signal Hill Chiropractic Milford OH

Signal Hill Chiropractic Center has been serving  the community of Milford Ohio and the surrounding area for over 14 years.  Through an interactive partnership between you, Dr. McMaster supports and inspires you on your path to optimal health and wellness.

From healing an injury to preventative care, our staff will help educate you and support your efforts.  A variety of complementary medical and nutritional options are available, from medical massage, myofascial release, mindful meditation and nutritional counseling.

Available classes include full body stretching, gait improvements for walkers and runners to reduce injury and improve performance, and abdominal and low back strengthening will help reduce the risk of low back injury.

Dr. McMaster continues to enhance his education. Some the most recent educational offerings he has attended have included strength training and condition, seminars from Motion Palpation Institute on full spine, thoracic and cervical spine and lumbar and pelvis, as well as Chiropractic medicine in sports injury and diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries.

Dr. McMaster has also been a frequent speaker, giving lectures on topics on women’s health, running and chiropractic medicine and continuing education lectures on the treatment of low back pain.

Our approach to patient care is unique and centered on the patient and family wishes. We work with your personal conditions and lifestyle choices to help you achieve your best overall health goals.