What Our Clients Say About Us

Prior to attending Dr. McMaster’s walking classes, I like many others, was experiencing significant lower back pain caused by extensive periods of sitting at a desk. Now I can say I experience very minor, if no pain, throughout the day! His classes have increased my awareness of the importance of focusing on my posture along with making sure every stride counts by involving my entire body from top to bottom, not just my legs. I would highly recommend his walking classes to everyone who suffers from back and/or hip tightness.

Kris Fowler

After sitting in front of a computer all week, three dimensional stretching resets muscles so they can support the body’s framework as intended. This effort keeps muscles stronger and helps to avoid knee/hip issues associated with aging.

Anita Mazza

Walking awareness has helped improve my neck and upper back areas. Standing more erect and swinging my arms for balance has helped keep my entire spine area. Also trying to stride heel first seems to have helped my foot pain.

Stuart Katz

I am 75 years old. I have jseen many different chiropractors, some good and some ????  I started going to Dr. McMaster on a regular basis about 3 years ago. What an eye opening experience. For whatever reasons we get with bad habits, especially with our body; improper walking technique is an example. After showing me the correct way to walk – I thought wow!!! This guy knows his stuff. But it doesn’t stop just at walking. I was an avid golfer. Previously after every round I had to get my back adjusted to eliminate pain. No longer! No only did Dr. McMaster improve my golfing, he helped me improve my overall health. He diagnoses and corrects problems but he shows you how to reduce their frequency and occurrence. He showed me stretches and workout techniques to help me improve. He is a very compassionate and caring person – I am proud to consider him a friend.

Wm Loomis, DVM retired

Thank you for the walking class. Before I took the class several people had mentioned that I looked uncomfortable when I walked. One person described it as waddling. I just assumed that was how I walked and was not something that I could change. My hips kept getting tighter and tighter as I got older and walking became painful. The waddling got worse as the pain increased.

Your class was so helpful for retraining me to walk correctly, and I’m no longer in pain. I still waddle when I don’t pay attention, but now correct myself as soon as possible and practice the walking exercises that you taught us. Once I do that, my hips loosen back up.

Naomi McMurray

 Dr. McMaster is an integral part of healthcare for my family. He has treated two sons, my daughter and myself. Each time he has thoroughly explained what he’s doing and why. We walk away with easy exercises we can do at home to heal our injuries and prevent them from happening again. My daughter suffered with carpel tunnel in both wrists from her work in a coffee shop and he has brought her along to a point she can work again without bracing. I am so grateful to have found Dr. McMaster!

Gail Trahd

I greatly appreciate your coaching and guidance. Wellness and fitness are very important to me. Thank you for giving me hopes in regard to my future wellness and fitness levels.

You have empowered me to be optimistically hopeful about the future. You have shown me how to manage the aging process better. All I have to do is absorb your teaching and directions, then execute your instructions. I think it helps slow things down, so to speak.

At first, it was like my body was detached—like it wasn’t part of me, and it didn’t function the way I wanted. Slowly—the process is tedious—there was significant, definite, and noticeable progress.

Then—the really exciting part—the mind and the body seem to become one highly integrated unit. This concept is difficult to describe; it is about focus and awareness. Your methods teach self-awareness to a level where this actually becomes possible. I can now do things I thought were long in the past.

Before beginning the process, there is a choice to be made. One choice is to continue with established behavior and let aging and degenerative conditions continue to take their destructive courses. The other choice is to make the commitment to make the situation better. It really is that simple.

When I hit rock bottom, you instructed me how to make changes and improvements. I had to come to the painful realization that I did not really didn’t know much. I had to have faith that your therapy and advice would lead me to positive outcomes.

The victories are usually small, but the little wins come more frequently over time. It takes patience and consistency. There could be little doubt about what you were telling me to do. I had to implement the small ‘tweaks’ you introduce so effectively. Believing in your advice and instructions has been a critical aspect of my improvement. Sometimes I do not understand at first, but that cannot matter. I follow your advice, THEN I begin to understand.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone interested in a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Prior to my relationship with Signal Hill Chiropractic, I thought that doing what I always did to stay in shape was working—and that it would always work. I believed that as long as I could run at least 25 miles per week and bench press around 300 pounds, I was ‘good to go.’

This was faulty reasoning. As it turned out, it was rather foolish for me to rely on my intuition and experience as guides to my training routines. I was too stubborn—maybe to the point of being delusional—to admit to myself that what I was doing was not working.

I badly needed professional help. My poor running form and bad strength training techniques were causing weaknesses and injuries. I did not understand all of this at the time.

At that point, I started visiting your office for therapeutic treatment and consulting. It was very difficult at first. You told me things I did not want to hear. My initial reaction was a suspicion that you may not be all that knowledgeable. I then, of course, went back to my way of doing things…which resulted in several more layers of injuries and weaknesses.

That was my low point. I had to start over—with almost EVERYTHING….how to walk, how to stand, how to sit, how to run, now to lift…..even how to BREATHE.

Since I had nowhere else to turn, I decided to try things YOUR way. At the same time, I had to admit to myself that I actually know very little about what I was doing. I had to have almost blind faith that what you told me to do would ‘work.’ I couldn’t let myself doubt you. My knowledge and fitness experience were turning me into and old man in rapid fashion.

Why not listen to someone (you) that JUST MIGHT know what the heck they are doing? Over a period of time, I came to rely upon you as my authoritative guidance (you are the wellness/fitness Bible as far as I am concerned).

The results have been really surprising. I do not know work out nearly as hard as I used to, but I have improved functionality and form. What is more, at some point in many/most of my workouts, I feel like I am a fit 25 year old guy! I am 60—I know I can’t keep pace with fit younger people—but I feel like I can! This is very powerful and worthwhile.

I recommend to most anyone the use of your knowledge and services. You are an invaluable resource in many ways—available right there in the corner office of the MAC facility…almost too good to be true.

You taught me to pay attention to the little things. You are teaching me what the ‘little things’ are! It is fun. It is exciting. It is hard to believe that paying attention to detail…’dialing back to zero’….doing things right….could make all the difference. All the little stuff adds up! It is tedious at times rather than exhausting; I have come to find peace with that….just stay with the program. The results will be there in time.

You are the key to breaking the patterns of behavior that lead to poor workout strategies with no direction.

I think what makes people resistant to change is that workout routines become habits. In many cases, there are some bad habits—behavior patterns that need to be broken. You have the expertise to get this done—not a small feat!

All one has to do is listen and believe….then execute the directions. There are no choices. If one makes an honest, valid attempt to follow your direction and instructions, the possibilities and the potential are endless.

Tony Novakov