Prep Your Foot for Walking

Foot Rocker Motion:

The foot absorbs shock by rolling not impact

  • As on shoulder blade pulls back it helps swing the same side leg forward. An easier leg swing allows the leg to swing further out in front of the body and with a slight pull upwards of the front of the foot you can land or initiate contact on the apex of the heel
  • Hitting of the heel apex and immediately rolling over it is the first rocking motion
  • The first rocking motion continues until the front of the foot makes contact with the ground
  • The second rocker motion if the leg advancing over the ankle beginning at forefoot contact and end of heel lift off.
  • Once the heel lifts off the 3rd rocking motion begins after the big toe _____ at toe off.
  • The movement over the foot should be contributed by the even shoulder spine swing. Pullback of this brings position of the apex of the heel.
  • Follow through forward brings the body over the forefoot and aids toe off.
  • The mechanics of the foot joints shapes interacting and the muscle tendon ligament pulling in and out of position should take care of the foot motion just worry about hitting on the center of the heel apex and generating movement of the body over the legs by an affective arm swing.