Meet the Staff

Dr. Brian McMaster

Dr. Brian McMaster is a licensed chiropractor who is a native of Canada and has lived in Milford OH since 1994. His mission at Signal Hill Chiropractic Center is to support and inspire you on your quest for improvement and optimum health. Dr. McMaster combines his knowledge of chiropractic medicine, nutrition and strengthening to develop a customized program. The goal is to help your body heal any injury, improve your overall health and help to develop your athletic performance.

Dr. McMaster will work diligently to motivate you and ensure the full potential of your program is achieved. Using chiropractic measures, therapeutic exercises and physical function assessments he will develop a program individualized to your current physical abilities and your personal goals.

Marathon, half-marathon and multiple 5Ks and 12Ks are part of Dr. McMaster’s athletic history. He played both Hockey and Rugby Football at the University and continues to have an interest in personal fitness and body efficiency. Both education and personal experience have provided Dr. McMaster with a strong background to teach the very basics of personal wellness – the proper walking gait.

Using his wide-ranging knowledge and education he is able to pinpoint specific areas of your walking gait that may cause problems with shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles. Walking engages the entire body and, when done poorly, puts added stress on joints and ligaments. With just a few changes, you can experience incredible benefits of reduced pain, reduced athletic injuries and improved muscle development.


SusanSusan McCusker, B.A., Certified Coach

Susan is passionate about the way in which we feed our bodies.  She brings a mind-body connection together in a 21 Detox Journey Program to help improve your energy level, overall wellness and your weight loss efforts.  In a journey to explore the relationship between your food and your body, you’ll discover exactly how you were designed to be nourished. No supplements, liquid meals or starvation included!

The program includes weekly coaching sessions, workbook, journal and an active private Facebook group.

In addition to the 21 Day Detox Journey, Susan also offers private coaching and group coaching.


Kristin graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy from Ohio University in 2005 and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University in 2002. She is passionate about health and wellness and feels that therapy should be personalized to each client. Your therapy sessions will involve a combination of manual techniques, a specialized exercise program designed for each individual and extensive education to allow you to better understand the treatment and your condition. Kristin has taken advanced courses in myofascial release, gait mechanics, Pilates, acupressure and healing touch, along with many more.  She will be certified in dry needle therapy in May 2015.

Kristin can treat a wide range of conditions including: neck pan, back pain, sciatica, postpartum issues, scar tissue, post-surgical issues, fibromyalgia, TMJ dysfunction, shoulder injury and knee pain.  She also can help maintain or improve general wellness. For more information, please go to her website at [1]



Erin GErin Gallagher-Urtiaga BA, LMT, NCBTMB

Erin loves learning and teaching about health, wellness & empowerment, and a believer that moving through fear (or pain) is the most potent tool to get you back to Love & Health. She has blended her background in Psychology, dance, physical therapy (aide,) massage therapy (namely myofascial release) and energywork to empower people to understand their body’s messages as a way to reconnect and heal body, mind and spirit. Erin educates and holds classes on posture, movement and inhabiting form.  She blends mysofascial release, massage, guided imagery and energywork to unwind the body and smooth out old blocks.  Perfect timing, living from the heart and support to inspire our unique paths  forever dot our lives. All of this funnels into her practice to create a safe, supportive space for you to release the old, attune to your intrinsic power, and heal & thrive in body, mind, spirit.