Dynamic Calf Stretch

This exercise should be done brief and frequently throughout the day. It is done in two parts.  In the first one leg goes in front of the other and in the second part the same leg goes behind the first. After completing it three to four times on one side you can switch legs and complete it three to four times on the other.

If you haven’t done this exercise before, stand by a chair or the wall and use it to stabilize your balance.  Starting on your left leg.


1. Straighten your left leg without tensing the knee and thigh.
2. Turn your right leg outward.
3. Pull the arch on the left leg up.
4. Swing the right leg in front of the left leg, keeping the left leg straight.
5. Return the right leg to the starting position and repeat.






Start Position





Finish Position


1.  Bend the left leg at the knee and turned slightly inward.
2.  Start with the right leg in neutral position.
3. Flatten the arch on the left leg.
4. Place your right leg behind the left leg, keeping the left leg bent and the arch flattened and crossing midline.
5. Return to the start position, repeat.







Start position






Moving right leg behind left.



1. Repeat the exercises above but switch your legs.